A start-up’s valuation life cycle

Given the recent turmoil at Uber and with all the negative ink being written about its sky-high valuation, people have been doom and gloom about the company’s future (ie: HBR on need to shut Uber) The difficulty to turn a profit combined with the management issues of the last few months has made Uber a classicContinue reading “A start-up’s valuation life cycle”

Feedback Sandwich

During the summer camps that we organise in Cambodia, there has always been this one recurrent idea in all of our Workshops with the Project Managers: the Feedback Sandwich. The point of the Feedback Sandwich was to create a constructive, thought-provoking and all-around positive feedback mechanism for our Camp cousellors. Managing over 200 of themContinue reading “Feedback Sandwich”

Leadership Styles

When looking at decision-making, not only is it crucial to ask oneself the right questions going into the decision, it is also important to remember that depending on your team members and your own skillset, the manager has to decide on what leadership style to use. The manager has to take into account her/his ownContinue reading “Leadership Styles”

Decision Decision Decision

Making tough decisions is always difficult  and requires a fair bit of calm, composure and sell-thought for a manager to be able to dissect the steps prior to the decision. If time allows, there are ways to ensure that oneself is at best prepared to make decision. The Vroom-Yetton-Jago Model is one of them. 1.Continue reading “Decision Decision Decision”

Meeting the World

In the Summer Camps, we had a very much diverse team of people: Spanish, French, English, German, American etc etc and of all ages. This, combined with the different levels of English fluency made our team meetings all the more challenging. We had to ensure that all team members had the opportunity to be heardContinue reading “Meeting the World”

Change by Design

A great book deserving a thorough read is Change by Design by Tim Brown, CEO of IDEO. Below I link to an online summary and have pasted the contents here for simplicity: ‘The leader of one of the most successful design companies, Brown shares what he has learned about how to make “change by design.”Continue reading “Change by Design”