Data Analysis Decision Action DADA. A simple acronym that can sometimes simplify, or help, our decision-making process. This is something that we often used during our Summer Camps at PSE when dealing with major issues or difficult situations. It gives a mental framework as to what steps to take before taking action and what informationContinue reading “DADA Loop”

Follow the Leader

As a fintech start-up, iCare Benefits is trying to offer our low-income clients a sustainable, long-term purchasing solution for everyday products and services. Our idea is to provide a all-inclusive purchasing platform where our customers can buy everything they might need (from phones and TV, through insurance and spectacles and all the way to foodContinue reading “Follow the Leader”

Death by Overfunding

Start-up failure is common and is sometimes difficult to accept when the company has been one’s personal journey. But understanding the reasons behind the failure is the critical part for every entrepreneur. According to CB Insights, almost 50% of Start-ups fail because a lack of market need (ie: there is no real market for theContinue reading “Death by Overfunding”

No Plan, No Money

Every start-up needs money. But finding the right source of money is the real key to making it. The most important aspect of a start-up is its ability to create a business plan that is sustainable in the long term given the sophistication and availability of financing in the market where it is operating. TechcrunchContinue reading “No Plan, No Money”

Going Digital

Digitalisation is a process that a lot of companies are going through. We are ourselves in the midst of a large, software deployment that will change the way we manage and run our entire business. It will allow us to gather, analyse and understand the enormous amount of data that our company and its customersContinue reading “Going Digital”

Birth or Growth?

In a previous post (see:¬†Leadership Styles), I looked at the different leadership styles that a leader needs to be able to morph into when managing a team. The importance of being able to do so is invaluable as each decision or situation will require different leadership capabilities. Now a different question arises when leaders askContinue reading “Birth or Growth?”

Differences in VC Questioning

Interesting article on how VCs tend to question entrepreneurs differently. The part that seemed the more problematic to me was the ‘promotion’ vs ‘prevention’ segment. HBR on VC Questioning   A business model is a business model. A concept is a concept. An idea is an idea. And trying to understand it should entail aContinue reading “Differences in VC Questioning”

Circular Responsibilities

We are now in the final stages of preparations for the 2017 Summer Camps. And in the scope of the training we give each year to our over 200 European Councillors, the President of the NGO asked me to run a session with them talking about responsibility and its importance in Cambodia during our timeContinue reading “Circular Responsibilities”