Decision Decision Decision

Making tough decisions is always difficult  and requires a fair bit of calm, composure and sell-thought for a manager to be able to dissect the steps prior to the decision. If time allows, there are ways to ensure that oneself is at best prepared to make decision.

The Vroom-Yetton-Jago Model is one of them.


1. Is the technical quality of the decision very important? Meaning, are the consequences of failure significant?
2. Does a successful outcome depend on your team members’ commitment to the decision? Must there be buy-in for the solution to work?
3. Do you have sufficient information to be able to make the decision on your own?
4. Is the problem well-structured so that you can easily understand what needs to be addressed and what defines a good solution?
5. Are you reasonably sure that your team will accept your decision even if you make it yourself?
6. Are the goals of the team consistent with the goals the organization has set to define a successful solution?
7. Will there likely be conflict among the team as to which solution is best?

As a manager, asking yourself these questions will help you structure the decision-making process and help you ensure that you have thought out all the moving parts before proceeding with the decision.

I do think however that this model has to be complemented by a ‘Leadership Type’ model. When looking at these seven steps, one can’t help but wonder that depending on the answers, a manager might choose to lead in different ways (ie: delegative, authoritarian or in-tandem). I will post a leadership type chart in the following days to discuss this.

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