Central bank accommodation and monetary looseness might be coming to an end. After six years of virtually nil fed funds rate, the Fed under Yellen and now under Powell, is starting an upward cycle that to me might go faster than the market thinks. With the US economy buoyant, unemployment at all-time low and markets... Continue Reading →


Two quick, concise explanations of Blockchain. Worth watching: Whiteboard Session: How Does Blockchain Work? Simply Explained's Blockchain  

Market Commentaries

More from the trading days: 10 July 2014 Strong risk off rally today. We opened up better bid following last night’s FOMC; it wasn’t overly dovish but the market had got itself revved up positioned short and we saw a strong short covering rally post release. This caused gilts to open up 20 cents but... Continue Reading →

Put your Money

Stunning chart published today by Deutsch Bank showing that the S&P 500 has gained 102% since pre-GFC peak. In contrast, Greek stocks are down 85%, whilst EU Banks take a 54% dip with Italy showing a 34% underperformance. Hindsight is obviously 20/20 but my god it was a smart move to stay long US equities!

Market Commentaries

30 Jan 2013 Gilts grinded higher ahead of the syndication today with people being squeezed out of their shorts, again outperforming bund by 30 ticks on the rally. This has been the main theme over the last week with investors left licking their wounds on the resilience of gilts. Elsewhere, there were rumours circulating in... Continue Reading →

Idea Meritocracy

Bridgewater's Dot Collector, and the story behind Ray Dalio's success, has always been an incredible lesson on how to create a transparent and open working environment. The Dot Collector app is installed on every Bridgewater employee’s proprietary iPad. Employees are expected to bring this iPad to every meeting, to give and receive constant feedback in... Continue Reading →

Licking their Wounds

2017 is definitely a year for the ages. Markets have not only been resilient but have continuously broken through highs even with growing concerns on political and geopolitical instabilities around the world. Janus Henderson's AlphaGen has had a particular painful year down over 50% yoy. It is clear that not many saw these moves coming... Continue Reading →

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