I have not always understood, or even agreed, with Sam Rainsy's actions and inactions in the past when dealing with the CNRP and Cambodia's political class in general. However his recent take on Project Syndicate detailing how Chinese companies are using China's leverage over the Cambodian Government to bypass Trump's tariff is spot-on. It not... Continue Reading →

Kurzweil’s Fireside Chat

At the Executive Program organised by Singularity University in San Francisco last year, we got the chance to sit down and talk at length with Ray Kurzweil, legendary inventor and futurist and author of great books like How to Create a Mind and The Singularity is Near. Here is a mural-summary of that chat:


Excellent take on Tesla's business model, its penchant for over-promising and how 2018 could be the year of reckoning for the company and its all-too-busy CEO: Bloomberg's Tesla Doesn’t Burn Fuel, It Burns Cash  


'It’s hard not to get worked up emotionally when you’re in a tense conversation. After all, a disagreement can feel like a threat. You’re afraid you’re going to have to give up something — your point of view, the way you’re used to doing something, the notion that you’re right, or maybe even power –... Continue Reading →

Dalio on Flawed Averaging

Dalio has been increasing his social media usage of late and he just posted an interesting take on how, in today's world, social inequalities and the growing divide between rich and poor influences how we look at society and in particular how we use statistics. Ray Dalio's 'Our Biggest Economic, Social, and Political Issue The... Continue Reading →

Idea Meritocracy

Bridgewater's Dot Collector, and the story behind Ray Dalio's success, has always been an incredible lesson on how to create a transparent and open working environment. The Dot Collector app is installed on every Bridgewater employee’s proprietary iPad. Employees are expected to bring this iPad to every meeting, to give and receive constant feedback in... Continue Reading →


Moving upwards in a company is normal. And most people aspire to one day having the big role in their company. A recent McKinsey survey found that CFOs who eventually become CEO tend to start a strategic review soon after taking over. Whilst that may make sense from a management perspective given that a new... Continue Reading →

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