Tipping Point

As one of my favourite books, The Tipping Point continues to pop back into my work year after year. And it never gets old. The basic idea of the book is to describe and try to understand β€œThat magic moment when an idea, trend or social behavior crosses a threshold, tips, and spreads like wildfire.”... Continue Reading →


Data Analysis Decision Action DADA. A simple acronym that can sometimes simplify, or help, our decision-making process. This is something that we often used during our Summer Camps at PSE when dealing with major issues or difficult situations. It gives a mental framework as to what steps to take before taking action and what information... Continue Reading →


Travelling to Cambodia for the last fourteen summers allows one to see the distinct speed with which Asia is developing. The country has gone from dirt roads and motorbikes to skyscrapers and Rolls Royces. And it is obvious that the Asian middle class is quickly becoming the most relevant market for most multinationals: with 4... Continue Reading →

Scout vs Soldier

In a Julia Galef TED talk from 2016, she put forward a great analogy when talking about people: the ones that have a Scout mindset and those that have a Soldier mindset. The premise of her idea is: Scout: people who are always open to new information, trying to gather as much perspective as possible... Continue Reading →

Circular Responsibilities

We are now in the final stages of preparations for the 2017 Summer Camps. And in the scope of the training we give each year to our over 200 European Councillors, the President of the NGO asked me to run a session with them talking about responsibility and its importance in Cambodia during our time... Continue Reading →

Feedback Sandwich

During the summer camps that we organise in Cambodia, there has always been this one recurrent idea in all of our Workshops with the Project Managers: the Feedback Sandwich. The point of the Feedback Sandwich was to create a constructive, thought-provoking and all-around positive feedback mechanism for our Camp cousellors. Managing over 200 of them... Continue Reading →

Leadership Styles

When looking at decision-making, not only is it crucial to ask oneself the right questions going into the decision, it is also important to remember that depending on your team members and your own skillset, the manager has to decide on what leadership style to use. The manager has to take into account her/his own... Continue Reading →

Decision Decision Decision

Making tough decisions is always difficult Β and requires a fair bit of calm, composure and sell-thought for a manager to be able to dissect the steps prior to the decision. If time allows, there are ways to ensure that oneself is at best prepared to make decision. The Vroom-Yetton-Jago Model is one of them. 1.... Continue Reading →

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