Home Work

With myself coming off a few weeks away from the physical office, it feels even more relevant now to talk about home work. Being able to do so feels like it is something that companies should start adopting more and more.

Home work is most definitely a scary tool for all C-suite officers. The lack of visual confirmation and the impossibility to directly manage can feel daunting. But studies have shown that allowing people to work from home from time to time not only increased performance but also increased concentration and focus.

See: Stanford on Home-Work

By giving people the chance to actually step away from the physical office, not only are we reducing issues like commutes and office noise, but we are also demonstrating trust in our employees. We know the work will get done and we trust them to do it; even if managers can’t directly observe it. This was clearly visible in the linked study where employee resignations dropped by 50%. If your staff feels empowered, trusted, engaged and in the knowledge that the company will allow them to work away from the office if necessary, it can only be a win-win situation for all stakeholders.

Companies like Amazon is already doing it and it feels like companies should be encouraged to go in that direction.



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