Differences in VC Questioning

Interesting article on how VCs tend to question entrepreneurs differently. The part that seemed the more problematic to me was the ‘promotion’ vs ‘prevention’ segment.

HBR on VC Questioning



A business model is a business model. A concept is a concept. An idea is an idea. And trying to understand it should entail a similar due diligence and questioning regardless of who is doing the pitching. Putting ‘prevention’ questions to women entrepreneurs feels like a subconscious bias pulling us towards a non-investment decision. The bias puts the questioner directly on the back foot and with a more negative frame of mind when looking at the investment opportunity.

Its the same idea found in the ‘smile’ experiment: if you force yourself to smile, you will automatically have a better, happier day. If subconsciously you are putting prevention questions to female entrepreneurs, the probability of investing in her start-up are immediately diminished.


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