Start-up failure. Common and explainable in most cases. According to CB Insights, over 40% of start-ups fail because of no market need and almost 30% fail because of lack of capital. In the context of iCare Benefits, lack of capital is always a major concern as we are a company that frontloads all of our... Continue Reading →

Lets Car-Share

When living in cities like Paris, London or Madrid, one tends to forget the easiness and seamlessness of public transportation. You can get from A to B relatively quickly with multiple public options at your disposal. And even if one enjoys the quietness of a private ride and has the wallet to match, then taxis... Continue Reading →


With the announcement yesterday that Google was continuing its drive in the hardware with the release of the Google Home Mini, the home-tech sector is continuing its development with the three tech giants having a push at each other. As with the fight between the iPad and the Kindle back in 2010, this is setting up... Continue Reading →


Balancing work and home life is definitely a challenging aspect of everyone's day. When to answer emails, when to take phone calls etc etc. Here at iCare Benefits, we have always tried to keep work life away from the our staff's home. We have a rule where work emails, unless urgent and necessary, do not... Continue Reading →

Big Macs & iPhones

The Economist publishes every year a study called the Big Mac Index 'as an informal way of measuring the purchasing power parity (PPP) between two currencies and provides a test of the extent to which market exchange rates result in goods costing the same in different countries'. And with the upcoming arrival of the iPhone... Continue Reading →

Netflix vs the World

In a recent article, HBR took a swipe at Netflix for pushing its own content too hard and not increasing the availability of movies by reducing the outside offering (see HBR on Netflix). But this feels like a calculated, strategic move by the streaming-service: create enough, high-quality content that users will want to use the platform... Continue Reading →

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