Influencing through Actions

The classic book by Dale Carnegie ‘How to Win Friends and Influence People’ offers a great insight into the basics of leading a successful team and the importance of leading by actions and example. Through our PSE Summer Camps, putting the ideas in this book into practice has come naturally and throughout the year, IContinue reading “Influencing through Actions”

Change by Design

A great book deserving a thorough read is Change by Design by Tim Brown, CEO of IDEO. Below I link to an online summary and have pasted the contents here for simplicity: ‘The leader of one of the most successful design companies, Brown shares what he has learned about how to make “change by design.”Continue reading “Change by Design”

Prepare to Negotiate

Negotiations are an integral part of any business and one of the most overlooked aspects of it is the personal preparation. How am I feeling? What will make me angry? How do I react if x? What feelings shall I show if necessary? People tend to prepare by looking at possible outcomes, equilibria and gameContinue reading “Prepare to Negotiate”