More Market Commentaries

Throwback to more market comments… 17th June 2014 The sterling market opened up on some surprising comments by BoE’s Miles (arguably the most dovish member of the Committee) that he would like to vote for a rate hike before his term end (May 15) and that there was a clear chance of a rate hike before springContinue reading “More Market Commentaries”

Market Commentary

More of these… 13th Nov 2012 Split session today amid vague reports in the German press about a supposedly lump sum payment of EUR44bln being paid out to Greece.  Details remained extremely vague at this stage with no official confirmation. Bunds tanked 30 ticks on the back of the news though they stabilized in theContinue reading “Market Commentary”

Leadership Styles

When looking at decision-making, not only is it crucial to ask oneself the right questions going into the decision, it is also important to remember that depending on your team members and your own skillset, the manager has to decide on what leadership style to use. The manager has to take into account her/his ownContinue reading “Leadership Styles”

Negotiating the World

Professionally, there was a change on going from London to Phnom Penh that was difficult to foresee: how each culture would approach a negotiation/argument. Different countries have different behavioural characteristics that is imperative to take into account when moving spheres geographically.     One of the most important negotiation tools is to be able toContinue reading “Negotiating the World”

Market Commentaries

Throwback to the daily commentaries… 18th June 2012 Very choppy price action today saw markets quickly looking past the positive Greek election results where pro-Europe party New Democracy won with 30% of the votes and is expected to form a new coalition government with Pasok. Spanish bonds took it on the chin as markets reversedContinue reading “Market Commentaries”

Noise vs Bias

In the wake of the cut-throat US Presidential campaign, and the rise of the ‘fake news’ concept by Donald Trump, I had been looking for a good visual summary of what Nate Silver calls ‘the Signal and the Noise’. I stumbled by luck onto this HBR ‘accuracy’ visual whilst browsing their library and thought thatContinue reading “Noise vs Bias”

Market Commentaries

Throwback to more of my market summaries… 16th June 2014 The price action today pretty much summed up the year. Global markets (in general) very well bid with equities and bond markets soaring – again boosted by a central bank. This time the FOMC. For me the statement, projections and press conference were not overlyContinue reading “Market Commentaries”


Sometimes, self-reflection is the best medicine to surviving a high-intensity workplace. At the bank, one had to constantly reflect back on past decisions and positions taken to learn from past mistakes BUT never allowing oneself to succumb to negativeness. By learning from errors and understanding how you deal with intensity, one can decide on howContinue reading “High-Intensity”

Prepare to Negotiate

Negotiations are an integral part of any business and one of the most overlooked aspects of it is the personal preparation. How am I feeling? What will make me angry? How do I react if x? What feelings shall I show if necessary? People tend to prepare by looking at possible outcomes, equilibria and gameContinue reading “Prepare to Negotiate”