Excellent initiative from The North Face to support a circular economy based on sustainability and re-usage. North Face is cutting waste by selling refurbished old coats 'If you buy a jacket from a just-launched pilot collection from The North Face, someone else might have already climbed a mountain or run a marathon in it. Called The... Continue Reading →

Fitness v Privacy

After Strava's scandal earlier this year on the public data of its users, a similar issue is plaguing Polar, another fitness tracking device provider. The main conclusion: "“This example demonstrates how important it is to be aware of all the consequences digital technology can have,” said the Dutch minister of defense, Ank Bijleveld, in response... Continue Reading →

Option Impact

One of the first media reports on Option Impact: "Unlike popular self-reported salary sites like Glassdoor or Stack Overflow, Option Impact is reserved for elite users—VCs and the executives at the startups they back (plus legal and consulting firms). And while salary surveys are routine across industries, Option Impact is unique in its specificity and... Continue Reading →

Modern Apothecary

Following Amazon's purchase of PillPack, it feels like a good time to dust off a company profile by MIT's Tech Review back in August 2017. "Since Cohen and Parker founded ­PillPack, in 2013, the company has grown to more than 500 employees, delivering hundreds of thousands of prescriptions a month to tens of thousands of... Continue Reading →


Creative use of drones: Australia scientist Catching Whale Snot "This video of scientists using a UAV to collect viruses from spouting whales is just awesome. The question: What kind of viruses live inside a whale’s lungs? That’s what a team of biologists in Sydney, Australia, wanted to know. The problem: Whales aren’t easy to study up close in... Continue Reading →

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