Option Impact

One of the first media reports on Option Impact:

“Unlike popular self-reported salary sites like Glassdoor or Stack Overflow, Option Impact is reserved for elite users—VCs and the executives at the startups they back (plus legal and consulting firms). And while salary surveys are routine across industries, Option Impact is unique in its specificity and accuracy. Companies share their employees’ anonymized salaries in exchange for access to the vault, which is searchable by job title, location, company size, revenue, and funding stage. Executives are required to update their entries every six months, and Option Impact vets its data regularly.

It’s now the world’s largest salary data set for start­ups. Roughly 2,600 private, VC-backed companies use it; Radford, its largest competitor, counted 2,115 public and private companies in its latest technology survey. Likewise, the majority of top VC firms—Andreessen Horowitz and Sequoia Capital among them—have access to the database.”

More at Wired

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