The retail market is on the verge of a great disruption. AI, machine learning and robotics are making great strides in developing application that will great impact how we experience shopping. So it is either disrupt or be disrupted.

And it is not only the customer-facing part of the supply-chain that will go through massive transformation, every single moving part will have to adapt to the coming technologies: manufacturing will become cheaper through robots and automation (which second order effect can be a reduction in manufacturing suppliers as brands can decide to run the process themselves), warehouse automation will increase run-rate and different consumer channels using AI and machine learning will ensure retailers can access a large swath of the market.

It is thus crucial for retailers to have strategy as to how to implement such technologies into their supply chain. Because now having a plan is a decision in itself. A potentially a costly one.

CB Insights on the changing retail market

Screen Shot 2018-04-04 at 14.34.13.png

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