Ikea and other house-furnishing businesses came out some time ago with AR apps to better fitout your home. And it was only a matter of time for other clothing and hardware brands to do the same. Enter Mountain Hardwear: Mountain Hardwear Introduces Augmented Reality Outfitting

Fake it until you make it?

With UBER's IPO fast approaching, the lack of profitability of its business model is again grabbing the limelight: since 2014, the cumulative operating losses now add up to over $12bn. How long can the company keep going without actually turning a profit?

Kurzweil’s Fireside Chat

At the Executive Program organised by Singularity University in San Francisco last year, we got the chance to sit down and talk at length with Ray Kurzweil, legendary inventor and futurist and author of great books like How to Create a Mind and The Singularity is Near. Here is a mural-summary of that chat:

Long Whisky

With such a volatile stock market that ended 2018 with one of its worst years in records and combined with top-grade fixed income not providing any yield, investors are flocking to alternative investments to keep their money. Whiskies, cars and coins are fast becoming major storages of value and with interest rates at such historically... Continue Reading →

El Procés

The Spanish Supreme Court has started the trial for the Catalan politicians that have been in preventive jail since 2017. It seems like a good time to look at the legal and Constitutional aspects of the process that will capture Spain's attention for the coming weeks: La ficción del procés a juicio.  

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