El Procés

The Spanish Supreme Court has started the trial for the Catalan politicians that have been in preventive jail since 2017. It seems like a good time to look at the legal and Constitutional aspects of the process that will capture Spain's attention for the coming weeks: La ficción del procés a juicio.  


Excellent initiative from The North Face to support a circular economy based on sustainability and re-usage. North Face is cutting waste by selling refurbished old coats 'If you buy a jacket from a just-launched pilot collection from The North Face, someone else might have already climbed a mountain or run a marathon in it. Called The... Continue Reading →

Fitness v Privacy

After Strava's scandal earlier this year on the public data of its users, a similar issue is plaguing Polar, another fitness tracking device provider. The main conclusion: "“This example demonstrates how important it is to be aware of all the consequences digital technology can have,” said the Dutch minister of defense, Ank Bijleveld, in response... Continue Reading →

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